History of Our Church

With an aim to create a community of disciples where the emphasis would be on worshiping God, teaching and equipping believers, and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, New Life Church was incorporated in January 1990.

In the early years, many people came to New Life who were wounded and dysfunctional through their experiences with other churches. Some of them were transient in their approach to spiritual life, and as we grew, the Holy Spirit made it clear to us how humility, dedication and perseverance were absolutes in our relationship with God.

Over the years, our strategy of evangelism became focused on the un-churched and the unsaved, and our outreach took us from door to door and into shopping centers and Metro stops. We took Jesus Christ, the Word of Comfort and Hope, to nursing homes, even as we provided food for the homeless and offered free clothing from time to time to the needy in our communities. Men with godly integrity shared their testimonies with our believers and friends; one of our highlights was a visit from Dayalan Sanders, the head of a Sri Lankan orphanage who miraculously survived the 2004 Asian tsunami and saved all 32 children in a small boat.

We used drama, plays and movies as a supporting medium, and we realized one of our major goals when a 9 voice choir, along with players of instruments enriched our Praise and Worship.

Another major goal, that of providing Christian and academic education for grades K–12, was realized when we opened our school, New Life Academy, in 1997. This brought very significant changes to the dimension and dynamics of our ministry. Some of the parents of the children attending our school were converted to Christ, along with others who visited the shopping center in which we operated. This brought a remarkable change to the personality of New Life Church which then assumed a reflection of a wide cross section of nations, races and cultures, all in worship of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. This enriched our fellowship and our faith and gave stronger meaning to our service, as we touched the lives of the unsaved and strengthened the resolve of believers.

And so, we are moving forward. Despite the many challenges we have faced, we are confident that the Lord has always been with us working things out according to His purpose and His plan. As we approach the future, our goal is to make a difference by impacting our community and each successive generation, as we inspire all to embrace and live out the Gospel.




New Life Church